Buy less, but buy better!
Buy less, but buy better!

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It is possible to have your photos printed on different papers, objects,
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Our history

For us, photography is not just a job. Since 1937, she has lived in us, fascinates us and gives us immense joy. It has not only forged our lives, but also the history of Montreal and all of Quebec. It is with the image - yours and ours - that we witness the passing of time...

But it is by looking to the future that we strive every day to offer you, not only the ultimate in photographic equipment, but also and above all to share our knowledge and our passion with you!

Discover our history... and witness the one we create daily with and thanks to you.

our History

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" Friendly and helpful staff. They will take the time to answer your questions and help you come to a well informed decision.  Prices seemed to be reasonably competitive as well. "

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