Buy less, but buy better!
Buy less, but buy better!

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Photo Service sells and buys used equipment.


Our used equipment experts have been evaluating cameras, lenses and accessories for over 25 years.Each individual piece of equipment receives a quality rating after a thorough10-step inspection process by our experts. This is one of the reasons why we offer a 3 month warranty on all devices we have for resale.

We strongly advise you to communicate with us by EMAIL or by telephone in order to know our preliminary opinion on your material. WE ARE VERY SELECTIVE, ESPECIALLY FOR FILM CAMERAS.

We can then tell you if we have a market for your equipment and if it could be interesting for resale. The goal is to make you an honest and win-win proposal. To do this, we need a very detailed list, with all the accessories, the exact models and the wear / cosmetic condition.

Finally, only a visitto our experts (after prior communication) will allow us to set a finalpurchase price for your equipment. We must visually observe the condition ofequipment in order to offer you a final purchase price.


You do not have to invest time to demonstrate to interested buyers on the internet! We also accept consignments if we do not want to invest in your equipment for multiple reasons. We will then take a commission of 15%. You set the price and we demonstrate the equipment! On the other hand, if you sell the equipment in the meantime, you can recover it free of charge and without hassle.


In any case, we will offer you less than what you could get yourself by selling your equipment directly. In fact, if the market is at $500, we will have to buy it from you at a lower price because we cannot sell it at a higher price than the market… And the value usually goes down over time as new models are always coming on the market. Finally, there are equipment

- that was worth a lot of money in the past that are worth more now;
- that you'd better resell yourself as we won't be able to make enough profitto cover our costs.
- which still have value but which are very specific (small market). In these cases, it is better that you sell this directly on
- that if not all the original accessories are not present, it will lose value, etc. Finally, there is original equipment (NIKON-CANON-SONY) which is always worth more than an alternative or generic brand.


You bought an SLR camera from Photo Service and you love photography so much that you already want to replace it.

We guarantee to buy it back for at least 50% of your purchase price, within 12 months of its purchase. However, the equipment must be in excellent condition. It must also include all accessories and manuals and be accompanied by the original receipt of your purchase.


Thank you! Your submission has been received!
Used Camera Equipment



Visually inspect the physical condition of the body, including any components inside the mirror box or sensor areas, screens, battery doors and memory card pins.

·Insert a test battery & memory card, powering the camera on.
·Set camera mode to Manual (M) or AperturePriority (A).
·Clear all prior menu settings, input test settings and clear the sensor using a bulb blower.
·Attach a test lens and test the camera’s metering capabilities and calibration.
·Adjust the diopter and inspect the view finder area.
·Change meter settings and confirm that they change in viewfinder
·Test the camera’s shooting and focusing capabilities including vibration reduction, continuous shooting modes, video capabilities, flash modes and white & black exposures.
·Inspect the image quality of these test photos on a separate computer screen to check for focus issues, sensor dust or damage, hot or stuck pixels, or any other quality issues.·       Note any problems, damage, wear, loose or missing pieces and confirm grade before sending to the next step.


Visually inspect the physical condition of the body, including any controls, lens mount, battery contacts, viewfinder or rangefinder, mirror box, film back, shutter and bellows if applicable.

·Insert battery if applicable, then check and reset any custom functions.
·Inspect any LCD displays and diopter.
·Set Mode to Manual (M) or Aperture (A) Priority and input test settings.
·Attach test lens and check metering accuracy, adjusting for over and under exposure.
·Check shutter speeds from 1 second to the camera’s highest setting, including B and T modes, while making sure the shutter opens completely at all speeds.
·Load test film and check film advance mechanisms including the frame counter.
·Check motor drive and film rewind if applicable.
·Test self-timer, depth of field preview and flash abilities including PC sync.
·Note any problems, damage, wear, loose or missing pieces and confirm grade before sending to the next step.


Visually inspect the physical condition of the lens including grips, mount area, filter ring threads, hood locking tabs and more. Thoroughly examine the glass from the front, rear and sides with a bright light, checking for any anomalies throughout the lens like haze, dust, fungus, scratches, cleaning marks or damage.

·Mount the lens to a test camera body.
·Rotate the focus, zoom and aperture rings through their full range for stiffness, loose areas, and roughness or grit.
·Test autofocus accuracy both near and far if applicable, taking note of any squeaks or sounds.
·Check aperture response at widest and smallest, taking note of any sticky apertures or oil spots.
·Activate image stabilization if applicable to confirm proper engagement.
·Test lens shutter speeds if applicable from 1second to the fastest speed, making sure that the shutter opens smoothly and completely.
·Test any buttons or switches on the lens including focus hold, depth of field preview or zoom locks.
·Note any problems, damage, wear, loose or missing pieces and confirm grade before sending to the next step.

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I stumbled across your store while visiting Montreal. When I walked in, I found a huge selection of gear at awesome prices. Picked up a Lowpro 450 Pro Runner BP, for $100 cheaper then any place I've found in Toronto. Thanks! I will be limiting most of my gear purchases to when I visit Montreal!! You WILL see me again!

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