Buy less, but buy better!
Buy less, but buy better!

Rental gear

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You have a photography project and you do not have all the necessary equipment? Here you will find all the equipment you need ... and more! 

You want to work with the best equipment available? You prefer to try the equipment before purchasing?  Everything is possible. Photo Service has the largest selection of photographic equipment renting out.

Projects and mandates photographers often being different, we can suggest alternative for renting the necessary equipment in order to achieve your best shots, and at an affordable price. This doesn't exclude that we can't take the responsability of your shooting. You are the one who takes the final decision for your shoot and do the necessary research to acheive your artistic goals.

Remember that using quality equipment can sometimes significantly improve the quality of your photos ...

And it's not every day we, as a regular client, can afford very sophisticated or expensive equipment. Renting can be very economical.

About Rentals
Try before you buy?
If you rent equipment from our rental department and you decide to buy a new less than a month later, get 100 % of the rental amount of a one day rental in discounts on purchase.

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