Buy less, but buy better!
Buy less, but buy better!

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Letters, Recipes + Awards

Letters, Recipes + Awards

Digitizing documents before they deteriorate will keep them safe long  term.  From your grandparent’s newspaper clippings to your mother’s pie recipe – most paper materials can become part of your digital legacy as long as they aren’t copyrighted.  Here are just a few of the items we are frequently asked.

+Handwritten or printed documents
+ Old letters / postcards
+ Newspaper clippings
+ Awards and certificates.

Vintage print materials are often in a fragile state, so our technicians use a flatbed scanner to digitize without causing further damage. Digitized documents and old letters make a great addition to a family slide show or genealogy project.  Find an expert near you and get started digitizing those documents and print materials today!

Your original materials will be returned once the project is complete.


+Small to large format sizes


+JPG high resolution scans


+ Thumb drive
+ Digital download

Letters, Recipes + Awards
Letters, Recipes + Awards


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Drop-off family memories photographs, home movies + memorabilia for digitizing. Speak with a Professional archivist about your Project at Photo Service.
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Your analog media are carefully transformed into modern media formats for easy viewing on  today’s technology.  
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Peace of mind! Relax knowing  your precious family moments are protected for generations! Now you can share your files with friends + family!
Qui a besoin d'une copie ?

Who needs a copy?

Once your materials are digitized, making duplicate copies is quite easy and affordable.  Before you embark on your project, consider who else would like a Seto f the files: parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, your children, etc.  It’s far too complicated and risky to pass the same DVD or thumb drive around to family members.            
Gardez vos souvenirs en sécurité + local!

Keep your memories safe + local!

We never recommend shipping away family archives, treasured photos and irreplaceable home movies. It’s too risky.

Media options


Thumb Drive

+ Loaded with your digitized memories
+ Easy viewing on most TVs or  world
+ Ideal for compact storage or sharing
+ Makes a great gift
DVD media


+ Loaded with your digitized memories
+ Easy viewing on most TVs port  computers with a USB port
+ Ideal for compact storage or sharing
+ Makes a great gift


+ Convenient access to your files
+ Ideal for sharing with family around the  computers with a DVD drive  
+Easy download to your computer or hard drive
+ Options to upload to a personal or Shared family cloud storage account

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