Buy less, but buy better!
Buy less, but buy better!

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When you ask for a photo in a certain format, it may be that your original file is not in the right proportions from the desired print size as digital sensors are all proportional to the usual printing formats


Most compact cameras are equipped with a sensor with an image ratio of 4: 3, which corresponds to the former aspect ratio of CRT TVs and computer monitor. You will be forced to always crop your images in the majority of current print formats. For some newer cameras, it is possible to select the aspect ratio on the menu of the camera (4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1). If the camera you are using does offer the 4:3 ratio, the proportional print format will 4x5.33 inches.

3:2 ratio

The 3:2 ratio is the same ratio as 35 mm film (36x24 mm). This is the aspect ratio available with all SLR cameras. The print size is 4x6 inches. When you ask to print a 8x10 for example, the ratio is not the same. If you want to keep the picture in full frame, you must choose a 3:2 ratio format to fits in, like a 8x12 or reduce the photo so that it can fits the desired format If you do not mind to keep the full image, you can crop the picture in the new ratio.

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1: 1 ratio

This is an aspect ratio which gives pictures in square format.

Ratio 16: 9

WATCH OUT! This is the image ratio of HDTV, there is no current print format to fit in. Cropping will always be performed for the current print formats. Files in 16:9 ratio can be printed in full frame if you want to keep your entire image.

To avoid confusion, let us know your choice when ordering:

Cut your image to fill the entire surface of the paper. (Crop)

The shaded gray area in red is the part that would be cut

Print the entire image on the paper. (Full frame)

If the chosen format is not in the same proportion, there will be two white borders.

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