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Rental Terms & Conditions

If you would like to rent equipment, please take thetime to read this page. Everything is planned so that everyone is mutuallyprotected in our rental transactions. Responsibilities are also well separated sothat everything runs smoothly. If you have any questions after reading thisdocument, please let us know and we will be happy to answer them.

Your credit card number, expiration date and security code are now required for any rental and will be securely entered in your file. 
Therefore, the signing of the rental agreement implies that you also agree that we automatically charge, where applicable, amounts to compensate for repair / replacement costs caused by your use or in the event of cancellation or failure to comply with the cancellation criteria. This is usually determined within 24 to 48 hours of returning your rental. Be assured of our professionalism and honesty in these matters. We carefully check all items at all rentals and are able to see any changes in equipment. For more information, refer to the rental agreement that you will sign when you leave, on our respective responsibilities in the event of breakage and loss of equipment.


(you must explicitly commend a specific date and time for your rental)You agree to our cancellation fees policy and that they will charged to your credit card accordingly without further notice. Cancellation fees in a delay superior to 72 hours prior to established date and time of rental = No cancellation fees. Cancellation fees in a delay within 72 hours prior to established date and time of rental = 25% of your total rental fee in cancellation fees charged automatically to your credit card. Cancellation fees in a delay within 24 hours prior to established date and time of rental = 50% of your total rental fee in cancellation fees charged automatically to your credit card. Cancellation fees in a delay within 4 hours prior to established date and time of rental = 100% of your total rental fee in cancellation fees charged automatically to your credit card. If you do not contact us about your cancellation = 100% of your total rental fee in cancellation fees charged automatically to your credit card. If you do not take possession of your rental as prevailed = 100% of your total rental fee in cancellation fees charged automatically to your credit card. Established date and time of rental hour upon which you were due to take possession of your rental = 100% of your total rental fee in cancellation fees charged automatically to your credit card and you forfeit any claim by default. Equipment will be released and made available to whomever requires it's rental


Deposit / Pre-Authorization / Proxy Form

Only on credit card. The cardholder must be present at our counter at established date and time of rental or have a representative with the appropriately filled out proxy form. Cash will not be accepted. This is a non-negotiable legal disposition, just as renting a vehicle.


The cardholder must have a valid drivers licence with them at the established date and time of rental or a valid and official piece of identification. Should this piece of identification not display some part of required information (full legal name, photo and address) a complementary official document is required.


Insurance is the sole responsibility of the rentee. Any damage, loss or theft is their full responsibility and will be charged accordingly.

Insurance Certificate

In certain cases we require that an insurance certificate be produced under the rentee's name and binded to us in writing on the certificate. This may be required for a rental of total value of 5000$ of equipment or more. Specifically the certificate should be for a "MISCELLANEOUS RENTAL EQUIPMENT FULL REPLACEMENT COST" policy and valid throughout the rental period. It should also show for "GENERAL LIABILITY" for 1,000,000$. Our business name should be in full as follows: "Photo Service Ltée" and include our adress, phone number and email. the certificate should be sent via email and/or fax: / (514) 849-8628.

Pick up

The Credit Cardholder is the only authorized person to take possession of the rental equipment at our counter.

The Credit Cardholder may authorize another party to take possession of their rental through our proxy form (click this phrase to automatically download the document).

If you wish to rent from us but do not possess a Credit Card, we will not accept rental on your part. If you can find someone to vouch for you, they will become the person responsible for the rental and name you as the authorized person to take posession in their name, but legally the rental is theirs and their full responsibility - even if this is intended for you. You name cannot and will not appear on the contract. In this case it is solely your responsibility to ensure they are fully aware of our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to take action against the cardholder in the event you would fail to do so accordingly to everything aforementioned.


IF APPLICABLE. Transportation fees are handled by the rentee and anything occasioned during time of transportation. Applicable only to certain accounts and to our sole discretion. You cannot benefit this on your first rental. We require that you show in person for the first rental.


Our rates apply from the moment you leave the store to the time you return.

  • 2 hours = 50% of the "day" rate

  • 4 hours = 75% of the "day" rate / this is also the "night" rate

  • 8 hours = 85% of the "day" rate

  • 1 Day = 24 hours / it is also the "Day Plus" rate and the "week-end" rate (see conditions below)

  • 2nd and 3rd day = add 75% of the "Day" rate for each additionnal day

  • 2nd and 3rd day = add 75% of the "Day" rate for each additionnal day
    NOTE there are no more rates than past the 3rd day, it falls onto the "week" rate after 3rd day.

  • 1 Week = 3 times the "Day" rate

  • 4 weeks or more = the last week is free

Le tarif de location s'applique à partir du jour de départ jusqu'au jour du retour chez Photo Service Ltée. Les frais d'expéditions sont assumés par le locataire, ainsi que les bris occasionnés par le transport.


Limitless Time (ahead)

Half-day Rates

- 25% for 4 hours the same day.

Night rate

Starts and 4pm the first day, onto no later than 9 am the next day. You will be charged a full day if you do not follow these requisites.

Day plus

A special "Day" rate is charged exclusively between Monday through Thursday (included) if you require the established time of rental start at 4pm and return it the next day over before noon. Duly note you will be charged a second day if you do not follow these mandatory requisites. This option was created to help productions prepare a day before and return promptly the day after they are done. We expect you to come in early on the day of return - not to fully extent the time to the last minute. Out of respect for other productions. We need that time to examine and prepare the equipment for the next user in line. It applies to more than one day rental as well.


This represents approximately 65 to 70 hours of rental time for the "Day" rate. Established time of rental: Friday 4PM - until Monday AM (noon at the latest). Established time of rental: Saturday 3PM - until Tuesday AM (noon at the latest). Exceptionally, week-end pickups on Friday may be earlier according to availability and if we can manage, ask us.


Payment method is to you discretion. Cash, credit or debit. The rental amount is due in full before you leave our store.


Photo Service Ltée and/or its employees cannot be held responsible of any loss of time or investment due to failing or missing equipment.


Demonstration of functioning equipment can only be summary, unfortunately. We consider that complexe systems will be used and treated with professionalism. Every piece of equipment is thourghly and completely verified after each rental.

Albeit this, should you encounter any situation at all during use at rental times, you are obligated to immediately advise of so that we can adress the situation and find the quickest best reliable solution of our reasonning. You cannot handle decisions regarding our rental equipment without our consent. Should you do so you would forfeit any claim whatsoever on your part and expose yourself to claims on our part.

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Friendly and helpful staff. They will take the time to answer your questions and help you come to a well informed decision.  Prices seemed to be reasonably competitive as well.

I stumbled across your store while visiting Montreal. When I walked in, I found a huge selection of gear at awesome prices. Picked up a Lowpro 450 Pro Runner BP, for $100 cheaper then any place I've found in Toronto. Thanks! I will be limiting most of my gear purchases to when I visit Montreal!! You WILL see me again!