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Buy less, but buy better!

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Numérisation Negatifs


Les films et les négatifs sont conservés image par image, ce qui donne des fichiers numériques JPG prêts à être partagés, stockés et imprimés.
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Numérisation Diapositives


Whether they are in carousels or loose in a box, enjoy these gems again. 35mm slides are most common, but we can scan unique formats as well. Prior to digitizing, all slides are cleaned using an air pressure process to remove lint and dust.
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Numérisation négatifs uniques


From rare negatives to odd-sized films, we digitize any analog media format.  Our experience and technology allows us to safely digitize just about every type of negative you inherit or encounter.
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Numérisation Bobines de film


Old movie footage is magically made ready for the big screens of today. All films are digitized at the highest appropriate definition for maximum clarity before being saved to digital format. We’ll even reduce projector flicker!
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Numérisation VHS


Relive the 80s and 90s and enjoy watching them with your family on today’s technology!  Our video experts will properly archive your memories from almost any video format.  All video tapes are inspected before digitization for the best possible result.
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Numérisation bandes vidéo


Your home video memories will get new life as digital movie files. Compact VHS tapes, Hi-8, Digital and Mini-DV are just a few of the more obscure formats we transfer.
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Numérisation Photographies


Printed photos are at risk of environmental damage, not to mention their physical nature makes them difficult for others to enjoy.  Small or large, stuck in frames or in poor condition, your family heirloom photos will be professionally scanned and transformed in high quality digital files.
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Numérisation oeuvres d'art


Your children will thank you when they can look back on their hand-print turkeys and school art project as adults. Digital archiving their artwork means you don’t have to save closet space for the originals!
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Numérisation certificats


Important keepsakes like genealogy documents, marriage and birth certificates are worth preserving as well. Interpreting the story behind them and discovering details about your heritage can be very sentimental and powerful.
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Numérisation cassettes/records


Believe it or not, music and audio recordings can also be modernized!  We can convert your records, audio tapes or reel-to-reel audio into a digital lossless format.  We can even cleanup the sound noise using sound restoration technology.
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Numérisation Lettres


Future generations will be able to taste your grandmother’s cooking and read letters full of nostalgia and history. Scanning documents like these will ensure these treasures stay in the family for a very longtime.
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Numérisation Album


Sometimes photos get stuck inside albums, making them prone to damage. No need to worry because we’ll simply scan the entire page and crop each photo into its own image file.  We can also digitize scrapbook pages.
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