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The resolution represents the amount of pixels or dots per inch (dpi).

The definition indicates the number of pixels in an image. When you buy a camera, it is the number of megapixels it has. The more you have a high-definition (a high number of megapixels) the bigger you can print.

To know the maximum size print of your photos, there is a very simple calculation to make. For example, if you want to print a photo 12''x18 '' at 300 dpi, you must (12x300) x (18x300) = 19'440'000 you must have a camera of 20 megapixel to get a perfect picture. It is possible to print at a lower resolution than 300 dpi, but be aware that if you go lower than 150 dpi, the quality of your image will be affected.

Our printers resolution

2.5x3.5 format to 12x18 photo paper: 360 dpi

2.5x3.5 format to 12x18 photo paper: 360 dpi

11x14 to 40x60 44x90 format on inkjet paper: 240 dpi

If it is impossible for us to print your photos in the desired format, or if we find that the quality is not good enough, we will contact you.

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