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Buy less, but buy better!

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Chemicals and battery recycling/disposal


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Photo Service's mission is to help its clients to take actions that will have long term positive impacts on the environment and our society.

Thereby, to dispose of its photo chemistries in the sink is prohibited in . As you know, more and more companies and organizations are concerned with developing responsible environmental policies.

Photo Service has a photo lab equipped with the latest recycling technologies for silver salts disposal and offers you the opportunity to enjoy its amenities. Just bring the liquids in question (except developers who do not contain any silver salts) into an airtight container so that we can retrieve them for you. It's as simple as that.

Concern for the environment is present in several dimensions of our business. Therefore, with our newsletters, we will keep you informed of our various methods to get rid of photographic waste pollutants!

We also take care of the recycling of old batteries and of obsolete printer ink cartridges.

Chemicals and battery recycling/disposal

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I stumbled across your store while visiting Montreal. When I walked in, I found a huge selection of gear at awesome prices. Picked up a Lowpro 450 Pro Runner BP, for $100 cheaper then any place I've found in Toronto. Thanks! I will be limiting most of my gear purchases to when I visit Montreal!! You WILL see me again!

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