Buy less, but buy better!
Buy less, but buy better!

Best Price Policy

Gray Market.

If you buy on the gray market, you are not a manufacturer of this product. This is often the case when you find a cheaper product on Amazon. The origin of the products is not known on Amazon.

Manufacturers do not recognize the gray market. For example, the various components of the product packaging may not be original content, such as charging, battery, wiring, etc. They will be of very low quality. If you encounter a problem with your equipment, you will have to pay, even if it is defective upon receipt in your hands.

You should also know that when you promote local commerce, you also benefit from personalized services and exclusive advice. By choosing to promote Photo Service you will have access to the vast knowledge of our qualified and passionate consultants from a Quebec-owned company (which pays its taxes!).

Buy in big chains

Buying in large chainsBuying in a BestBuy or other is different from buying in an independent business like us. If there is a problem with your product, they will automatically refer you to the manufacturer or an independent merchant like us for the future. If you have not bought their protection plan, they will not usually be interested in serving you. However, if you buy from us, we will send your product on warranty free of charge. You will never have this service in the big chains of electronics store or other department store.

Best Price Policy

Best price

We guarantee the best price on the web and in stores in Quebec. That's it. We do not have a better position elsewhere. If necessary, we will adjust our price. Note that to qualify for the best price, the competitor must have the product in-store for our policy to apply.

MAP Policy

The selling prices of several items are decided by the manufacturers and distributors. Call us to know our price before making your purchase decision. Free shipping is still offered by some stores if you buy online. Paying the price online is the most important thing in the world. Know that if you buy in-store, the savings are substantial on some products.