Buy less, but buy better!
Buy less, but buy better!


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Going on vacation? You need a passport photo quickly?

At Photo Service, we specialize in passport, permanent residence, citizenship, visa and other ID photos. We also do French passport photos and all other nationalities.

Our expert photographers ensure that all photos meet government regulations and technical specifications for passports.

If you have one thing to check, it's the external size of the photos (eg: 35mm x 45mm, 51mm x 51mm, 50mm x 70mm) and our printing software takes care of adjusting the proportions of the head on the photo .

Passport photos must be taken at a professional photo studio, stamped and dated. They must be taken within 12 months preceding the application and certified by a guarantor.

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Passport photos are made anytime WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT at a cost of $14.98 +tx for printed photos OR a digital file. Passport photos will be ready in 5 minutes or less.

Depending on the size, you will have 2 to 6 printed photos. For example, you will have for $14.98 2 photos 50mmx70mm or 4 photos 35x45mm. If you also want a digital file (electronic) with your photos, it's $7.98 +tx more.

We do not do passport photos for newborn babies or other babies who cannot hold their own heads.
We refer you to at 514-392-1361.
For more independent babies, please ask for an appointment by contacting us at 514-849-2291.


Here are some of the guidelines used when shooting:

  • Applicant must show a neutral facial expression (no smiling, mouth closed) and look straight at the camera.

  • Eyes must be open and clearly visible. Glasses are acceptable as long as one can see the eyes.

  • Photos must be clear, sharp and to the point.

  • The shadows are unacceptable.

  • There must be no reflection or glare on the face or glasses.

  • The photos must be original and not taken from an existing photo.

  • Photo must include head and shoulders.

International passports

We also take photos for French passports on a pale blue background. We also take digital photos for US passports. 

We have templates to print any type of passport photo but it is always better that you know the size you want. Inquire as needed.

Let our experts help

he processing time for a passport is up to 6 weeks, so plan ahead and gets your passport photos at the first opportunity.

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