Studio rentals

Free parking on return & more.

Facilities are available for conferences of all kinds, photo casting, openings and special events with a photographic character like a “photo shoot reception”. 

Festive receptions, birthdays or religious holidays are not allowed on our premises.

To protect our facilities, event participants must be 18 years or older. Without exception. 

You are also responsible for obtaining a liquor license if applicable. We must have a copy of two weeks prior to the event if possible.



$ 110
$ 165
$ 235
What's included in the rental?
  • Tables and chairs

  • 59 inches HD TV (VGA, HDMI and USB connections)

  • Telephone, WiFi Internet

  • Presentation table

  • Water dispenser, coffee maker and refrigerator


Size of event
Half day (5hrs Max)
Full Day (10 hrs Max)
50 people or less
$ 400
$ 550
100 people or less
$ 500
$ 650
150 people or less
$ 600
$ 750
What's included in the rental?
  • Access to the studio, the fully equipped kitchen and conference room.

  • Ability to have stage microphones, stage lighting on request (for an extra cost), see EQUIPMENT EVENT section down below for more information.


Half Day (5 hrs)
Day (10 hrs)
$ 150
$ 150
What's included in the equipment rental?
  • 1 lavalier microphone

  • 1 hand micro wireless

  • Stage : 12'x8 '

  • 4 stage projectors

Please note that the prices mentioned on the site are subject to change without notice.

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Friendly and helpful staff. They will take the time to answer your questions and help you come to a well informed decision.  Prices seemed to be reasonably competitive as well.

I stumbled across your store while visiting Montreal. When I walked in, I found a huge selection of gear at awesome prices. Picked up a Lowpro 450 Pro Runner BP, for $100 cheaper then any place I've found in Toronto. Thanks! I will be limiting most of my gear purchases to when I visit Montreal!! You WILL see me again!