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Wedding photography


One of the most complex services a professional photographer can offer is wedding photography. It requires multi-level organization, sensitive social skills, patience, business chops, leadership, advanced digital photography post production, web marketing knowledge, multitasking, proficient location lighting, and image-making virtuosity in a variety of contexts.


A wide-range of photography styles

Because wedding photography documents a once in a lifetime social ritual, it's a stressful engagement where one must absolutely obtain the required images. The wedding photographer has to master different types of photography: portrait, couple, children and group photos; as well as objects and macro-photography. Ultimately, the wedding photographer must be able to create quality images throughout the event, in various styles, oftentimes during a 14-hour shoot day, and the photographer must infuse all images with the proper artistic flavor.

Needless to say, quite a few photographers arrive somewhat unprepared to their first wedding gigs.

Yet, for all its challenges, wedding photography has allowed many photographers to establish a solid business through a seasonal cycle that is key to a growing business.

The Course Philosophy

Anchored in current professional practice, we proposes a reality-based, hands-on 2-day wedding photography course specifically designed for the Canadian market. Your coaches Lana Nimmons, who has over 10 years wedding photography experience, and Luc Bourgeois, a photographer who's been teaching since the nineties, will guide you through the course's two main arcs: firstly, the skills-based knowledge that is accrued over time through technical and artistic practice. Secondly, the wedding photography process, from the first meeting with the clients, to the delivery of the last pictures. The class also includes an overview of business aspects specifically relevant to wedding photography.

The theoretical aspects of the course expose the technical issues and the sequence of events that make up a wedding day: the pre-wedding chaos, the ceremony, the portraits, reception, etc. Each part of the event in broken down into cultural considerations, image requirements and suggested equipment and approaches.

The practical aspects of the class involve in-class photography practice during both days, with the teachers commenting on participant's images. Students will also have to process and send in a selection of photographs during the week between the two classes.

Specific objectives and course outline (For regular 3h30 session)

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

- understand the process and requirements of wedding photography - be able to determine how to approach wedding photography - evaluate the cultural, esthetic and technical needs for the required images of a wedding - understand how to relate with clients and family - have an overview of the production and postproduction workflows - be aware of the multiple business and marketing aspects of wedding photography 


- Theoretical exposés - Technical demonstrations - Hands-on practice - Homework


Day 1:

Responsibilities of a wedding photographer What’s in Lana’s bag? Detailed analysis of the first half of a wedding day, part 1 Lunch Detailed analysis of the first half of a wedding day, part 2 Portrait theory and practice in class with homework assignment

Day 2:


Mini-critique on participant's homework Lighting, depth of field, creating a moment Detailed analysis of the second half of the wedding day Not missing what’s important To flash or not to flash Party and dances


Getting organized and planning ahead Distance to subject / lens issues Post-shoot methodology and processes Business aspects

Dates & heures

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Durée : 15 heures
500 $ + taxes


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