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Buy less, but buy better!

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EQUIPMENT ON WARRANTY : If your photographic equipment should become defective within the manufacturer's warranty period, the device will be repaired at no cost to you IF PURCHASED FROM PHOTO SERVICE. However, it is up to the manufacturer or its representative to determine if the problem is covered by the warranty.

We will do everything in our power to assert your rights in the event of a disagreement with a manufacturer. Manufacturers are conciliatory in nature, but on occasion, there may be differences of opinion ....

OUT OF WARRANTY EQUIPMENT : In the event that your device is no longer under warranty, Photo Service will arrange to have your equipment repaired by certified technicians. Be aware that in Quebec, no store repairs cameras on site. At Photo Service, however, you will benefit from our knowledge of the expertise of repairers; knowing where is the best place to repair your equipment based on the expertise of one repair shop vs another.

We therefore take care of all the steps and then call you back with a concrete estimate. Some repairs only take a few days, once the estimate is approved IF PARTS ARE AVAILABLE. If you cannot do without your photographic equipment during the interview, we will be happy to rent equipment to you at a reduced price. Indeed, you are ELIGIBLE FOR A 25% DISCOUNT ON A WEEKEND RENTAL of your product while it is being repaired.

FILM CAMERAS (35MM AND 120MM): We are no longer aware of a repairer of these cameras in Canada. And that's not to mention the shortage of parts... It's better to buy another one on and/or wait for the manufacturer to make other devices.

VIDEO CAMERAS: The repair of video cameras that are more than 5 years old is generally uneconomical to repair because the manufacturers do not keep the parts and the resale value is too low. On the other hand, you can take advantage of our video transfer service available here to recover your memories and have them in digital version.

Camera Repair


Estimated charges apply because several authorized repairers charge us for a quote and there is round-trip transportation to pay. If the estimate is approved and you have your device repaired, the payment of the estimate fee is converted into a down payment to pay for the repair. Fees are $ 60$ to 80$ + taxes in general.

In many cases, an estimate may take up to 2 weeks to come in and repair is usually within 2 to 4 weeks of the estimate approval, depending on the availability of the parts for repair. It is unrealistic to think that you could have your gear fixed faster.


If your camera becomes less cost effective to repair, we will credit half of your estimate expenses on the purchase of a new device. 

Also, let us take care of your old gear disposal in a ecological way!

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I stumbled across your store while visiting Montreal. When I walked in, I found a huge selection of gear at awesome prices. Picked up a Lowpro 450 Pro Runner BP, for $100 cheaper then any place I've found in Toronto. Thanks! I will be limiting most of my gear purchases to when I visit Montreal!! You WILL see me again!

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